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Aussie Christmas Cards

20 Dec

This year, I wanted to make some Christmas cards that would be a little different than the standard fare of snowflakes, angels, and trees. I found some really neat Australian Christmas scrapbooking papers by Feature Art that I thought would be perfect for making Christmas cards out of.  What could be cuter than koalas and wombats in Santa hats or a sleigh pulled by kangaroos? So I stocked up on their entire line of Christmas papers and some cardstock and went to work. Here are some of the finished cards:


















It costs $1.60 to mail cards from Australia to the US and Europe. When I went to get some stamps for the cards, I was thrilled to find these super cool Christmas Island stamps that matched the theme of my cards perfectly. How cute are these???

The whole process of making the cards was pretty simple, as it was just a lot of cutting paper and gluing or taping it together. As much as I like the neat things you can do with rubber stamps, they are a major hassle and can be really messy. It’s much easier not to use them. So I saved quite a bit of time by avoiding stamps, other than the occasional “Merry Christmas” stamp. Most of the time, I just used the stickers, which I think look nicer, anyway.

I started out using Bazzill Basics cardstock because I liked the texture of it, but it really curled up badly when it got wet with glue (I prefer glue to double sided tape- it just seems easier to work with), so I switched to sturdier, non textured stuff for some of the cards.

Anyway, hope you like them! Let me know if you have a favourite. 😀

An Expat Christmas

7 Dec

Celebrating an Australian Christmas on the beach (Image from ShadyTravels.com)

One nice thing about Australia is that there is no shortage of people who have recently immigrated here. It’s easy to find other people who can understand what the expat experience is like. It also means that, as an expat, you’ll never be the only person with no family nearby with whom you can celebrate the holidays.

I initially thought that Christmas for us might be like a repeat of Thanksgiving- just a nothing holiday. But Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here and Christmas is. Pretty much everyone celebrates Christmas.

And pretty much everyone we know has moved to Australia on their own or with just their immediate family. We’re definitely not the only ones without relatives nearby.

I was prepared to say, “screw Christmas” and just not celebrate at all this year because I was feeling bitter about having Christmas in the summer with no snow, among other things. But in the last week, we’ve gotten two invitations to celebrate Christmas with other expats who are hosting parties for all their family-less friends, which has boosted my Christmas spirit.

So instead of planning to be a Scrooge all month like I was going to do, I’m getting all my Christmas baking essentials ready to make treats to share with our friends and I managed to get most of my Christmas cards made over the last two days (they are Australian themed- I’ll share them with you later).

It won’t be the same as celebrating Christmas with family in the northern hemisphere, of course. That’s hard for me, because I like my holiday traditions and I like doing everything the same way every year. But at least we will get to celebrate (and I’m told both families that invited us have Christmas trees, yay!) and not just sit at home like it’s some random Saturday.

I hope all of the rest of you expats have people that you can celebrate with, too. Expat Info Desk and Monkeys and Mountains both have some nice tips for celebrating Christmas as an expat.