Arrogant roadie prick

15 Mar

Back in the day when I used to do a lot of road biking, I used to post on a cycling forum where a lot of the users lamented about often being referred to as “arrogant roadie pricks”. Unfortunately for them, I’ve found that the moniker is well deserved worldwide.

I used to ride with a cycling club back in America once or twice a week, but stopped going because the entire group saw fit to run stop signs and red lights, never signaling or ride four abreast and block an entire lane of traffic. And they wondered why motorists got mad at us!

Roadies often think they own the road and that cars should make room for them and “share the road”, but that mentality doesn’t seem to apply to them when they are on a cycling trail.

Here in Melbourne, the Yarra Trail is pretty congested during the evening rush hour, mostly with cyclists, but also with a fair number of pedestrians and the occasional roller-blader.

The rules on the trail, which are sign posted everywhere, are to keep left and warn when passing. Everyone is supposed to have a bell on their bike and ding it when passing. Not that hard and for safety reasons, it’s just a good idea.

Well, you get arrogant roadie pricks cruising along the trail at 30+ kph, practically forcing other people off the pavement and risking head on collisions just to pass someone slower, often in areas where they can’t see far enough ahead to do what they are trying to do safely, and fewer than one in twenty of them bothers to give any warning at all when passing.

Arrogant roadie pricks also often have the attitude that anyone who doesn’t ride a road bike is somewhat beneath them and while they are rude in overtaking each other, they typically have an utter disregard for anyone riding something other than a road bike. If the snobbery isn’t obvious watching them, it is as soon as they open their mouths to talk about it.

I’ve got news for all you arrogant roadie pricks out there: the trail wasn’t built just for you and your ride is not more important than anyone else. Your ride is certainly not more important than other people’s safety. If you want to ride like a speed demon and not have to worry other people slowing you down and having to wait to pass (please tell me you don’t drive like you cycle!), then get on the road and ride with the cars.

Oh, you don’t want to ride on the road because motorists are mean to you and don’t respect your space and pass you too closely and cut you off? Maybe you should think a little bit more about your own behaviour. If you can afford to drop $20,000 on that nice Look, then you must be a pretty serious cyclist and therefore, you should be an expert in cycling rules and etiquette. It’s not just all about you and regardless of what you think, you are not Lance Armstrong and never will be.

I thought about shipping my road bike over here, but I don’t know if I can bear to be lumped in the same category as all the assholes. Guilt by association and all that, you know.

Stay tuned for an upcoming rant on idiot pedestrians.

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